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Jason C. Zeus

Chief Executive Officer (CEO/OWNER)
Jason C. Zeusis the CEO & Senior Electric Power Engineer at JC Engineering Services, independent expert and point of contact for integrity issues of this reputable organization. He proactively advise his employees and prepare the recommendations they need to demonstrate the suitability of the often complex power systems, emergency repair reports and other specialist advice matters. He has a guiding role and easily switch between clients. He is able to make great use of his established network and has an eye for potential opportunities. With his experience, he is an important source of information within this establishment.

Skills & Personal Strengths

  • Provide power systems design and support to development and construction teams working on power plant projects
  • Design collection systems, including cable routing and cable sizing
  • Manage and perform system studies such as interconnection, power system or grounding system studies
  • Support the negotiation of LGIA and TSAs
  • Review interconnection standards, establish interconnection requirements and ensure compliance
  • Develop procurement specifications for substation, transmission line and other subcontracts
  • Develop specifications for interconnection switchyard and wind plant substation including transformers, breakers, and power factor correction equipment
  • Prepare drawings of grid interconnection and collection system for interconnection applications
  • Collect system data from client, utility, suppliers, and subcontractors for system modeling.
  • Optimize power transmission systems
  • Ensure construction and interconnection protocols have been met.

Qualifications & Training

  • B.Eng Electrical & Electronics Engineerig
  • Specialization in power Systems & Control
  • Specialization in Instrumentation & Control
  • Construction Skills Certification Scheme
  • CDM Regulations
  • Project Management with MS Project
  • IOSH Directing safely for SME