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Custom design solutions for complete electrical system integrations and upgrades

We can provide you with customized, end-to-end system integration and production, from planning and design to installation, programming, installation, testing, and maintenance.

Comprehensive Solutions

We can simplify the delivery of your electrical automation system with a full scope of in-house services that are project managed by our highly skilled team.

Extensive Expertise

Our dedicated team of technical experts is are trained to work with the latest technologies in the fields of robotics, PLC, SCADA, vision and robotic systems.

Tailored to Your Industry

With a broad range of integration expertise, we always customize your solution to meet the system's your specific production and process requirements.

Equipment Installation

Spark offers complete small to large-scale installation of all system power, electrical and network requirements power equipment and systems, but by specialized technicians.

Electrical System Engineering

We develop functional, practical, and cost-effective solutions to handle all your power needs.

Custom Control Panels

Our team provides CSA-approved custom control panel production and assembly that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure.

Automation & Programming

Our automation specialists have the skills, experience, and collaborative relationships required for successfully designing and implementing your automated systems.