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We offer predictive testing and data analysis to MAXIMIZE UPTIME AND PREVENT HAZARDS
JC Engineering provides high quality maintenance for your equipment and tailored, facility-specific scheduled service, helping you avoid costly downtimes and repairs.

With advanced design-build capabilities, Spark can manage your projects from planning and construction through to post-construction phases.

Detailed Inspections

Our team will provide ongoing visual and performance checks to avoid failures, maintain a safe working environment, and eliminate compliance issues.


We'll utilize state-of-the-art, in-house lab testing services to provide you with information, recommendations, and peace of mind.


We can perform maintenance without any downtime. That means your equipment remains operational, productive, and profitable while we provide service.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) - specified maintenance programs

Protect the long-term health of your assets while aiding in ensuring your OEM warranties

Ongoing inspections

Regular inspections of circuitry, breaker panels, and safety lighting protect programmable logic controller (PLC) and human machine interface (HMI) backup systems.

Sampling Services

We provide standardized fluid, dissolved water, and dissolved gas analyses in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) guidelines, along with medium and high voltage thermography services and in-house oil sampling certified by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Testing (CALA).