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Programming, maintenance, and emergency solutions to optimize your facility's performance
We provide you with turnkey industrial automation and control systems to help streamline your processes, increase output, and improve overall quality - enabling you to hit key production goals.
End-to-end service

We offer a full suite of comprehensive automation services, from turnkey solutions to continuous control system improvements, trouble shooting, maintenance and emergency service support.

Continuous Improvement

Spark can help you protect your investment with key control system upgrades, whether upgrading your existing legacy controls or implementing up-to-date safety upgrades.

Data Collection

Keep informed about your equipment's effectiveness with remote monitoring, intuitive and customized dashboards, and reporting solutions.

Data collecting and reporting

Our team of automation specialists have the technical skills, project experience, and collaborative supplier relationships needed to successfully implement your data collecting and reporting solutions, including:

  • Reporting solutions
  • OEE equipment effectiveness
  • Customized dashboards